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Kieft-Pro-Seeds/PanAmerican Seed is a world-class seed provider. For many years, it has been trying to reduce the heat in its germination chambers. Could a trial with LED lead to a solution?

Two people show the work of Philips horticultural LED grow lights at Kieft Pro Seeds/PanAmerican Seed

Philips is
miles ahead

in terms of horticultural LED lighting”

- Willem Koopman, manager of Seed Operations, Kieft-Pro-Seeds/PanAmerican

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The right lighting


The purpose of the trial was to determine if LED grow lights could effectively replace the HFL fluorescent lamps. In addition, the team wanted to see if LED could create a uniform light level. This would help to optimize the germination rate and control the timing of the growth process.


The trialled solution consisted of eight trolleys with five layers of plants. Each trolley featured GreenPower production modules in deep red/blue (four per layer) and GreenPower LED Strings in white. The team tested different recipes ranging from 50 to 200 μmol. The trial showed that optimum light was provided by modules consisting of blue and deep red lights with an efficiency of 50 μmol/s/m2


As well as providing the ideal light recipe, the fixtures ensure that all the emitted beams are focused on the crop, significantly minimizing light pollution. Once the optimum settings had been found, the result was greater uniformity of lighting for all crops, including some of the company’s top sellers. Certain crops are also exhibiting faster growth and better germination. Perhaps best of all, using LEDs frees up space for the company to grow more layers of crops.


The horticultural lighting used in the trial has improved the efficiency of the growing process. The new system requires less water consumption and labor, and uses 30% less energy than the previous setup.


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