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Boereboom Stekcultures is a very busy tree nursery. Specializing in propagating tree nursery crops and ornamental plants, it produces 4,000,000 cuttings a year. LED grow lights were bought in to help cultivate plants in a new conditioned growing room.

André Boereboom posing in front of the plants at Boereboom growing under the LED grow lights by Philips Lighting

The LEDs are a revolution

for my way of working.”

- André Boereboom, Boereboom Stekcultures

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The right lighting

Boereboom Stekcultures is no stranger to technology. André Boereboom is always on the look-out for sustainable and innovative growing solutions, and had used Philips LED grow lights before. Pleased with his previous results with LED, he decided to trial the Philips GreenPower research module in his new growing room.

“The aim of the trial is to find the right light recipe for propagating various ligneous crops under non-daylight conditions” said Boereboom. “This has many advantages. Not only is it possible to control the temperature, lighting and air humidity perfectly, but it also enables me to cultivate in several stacked layers, and this saves an enormous amount of space.”

The lights were trialled in a 30m2 room, with a multilayer system using Philips technology. The setup makes it possible to experiment on three different plant species with different climate and light settings. So far, the trial has yielded positive results. “For some time now, I have been following trials with LEDs to see how the technology can be used in the tree nursery sector”, said Boereboom.” I’m so convinced by the results that I’m now the first tree nursery to root cuttings without daylight.”

The virtually heat-free operation of LED makes it possible for Boereboom Stekcultures to control the light and temperature of the growing room separately.


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Philips GreenPower LED research module

The research module is specially designed for doing research with light, the light is manually adjustable.

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