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Lighting South
Lanarkshire Schools

South Lanarkshire Schools,

South Lanarkshire, Scotland


Discover how LEDs support an efficient learning environment

South Lanarkshire Schools, UK

LED vs. Fluorescent

electrical load would be reduced from 10 W/m2 to just 5W/m2''


- Barry O’Hagan, Project Manager, Lend Lease

South Lanarkshire Schools, UK

Customer challenge


The Council had an ageing educational building portfolio and wanted to create schools suitable for educational delivery in the 21st-Century as well as improving the estate’s energy efficiency, life-cycle costs and environmental impact.

South Lanarkshire Schools, UK

The right lighting 


The project took full advantage of Philips’ comprehensive range, with 10 different LED luminaires being used to ensure that the precise lighting requirements of each space were met. These included a bespoke version of the Arano wall light, developed in conjunction with mechanical and electrical designers TÜV SÜD Wallace Whittle, which combines 8000 lumens uplighting with 2000 lumens downlighting to fulfil design requirements. Maxos LED panel luminaires were specially adapted to enable them to be used as whiteboard lights in classrooms.

Recognising the performance, energy efficiency and sustainability benefits that LED lighting now affords, SLC now include their use within their client requirements performance specification.

  • CoreView Panel
    CoreView Panel
    People appreciate indoor spaces that are easy on the eye and at the same time refreshing to the mind. This is especially relevant for spaces where you want to ensure a relaxing yet...
    • Pleasing surface of light
    • Slim, attractive form factor
    • Energy-efficient
  • GentleSpace gen2
    GentleSpace gen2
    With the introduction of the GentleSpace LED luminaire in 2011, Philips achieved a breakthrough in high-bay lighting, offering a huge reduction in power consumption, a long service...
    • Extremely favorable total cost of ownership
    • Customizable for high diversity of applications
    • Proven reliability

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