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In der Alten Forst, Hamburg, Germany


Find out what happened when our new school lighting technology was trialled in Hamburg.
A teacher helps students at In der Alten Forst, illuminated by Philips school lighting

We saw for ourselves
and the results

confirmed that the specific application of light really can have a positive effect on learning and the learning environment."


- Andreas Wiedemann, School Director In der Alten Forst

Philips School Vision lighting system creates different learning atmospheres in classrooms in In der Alten Forst

Customer challenge


Recent research has discovered some complex relationships between light and well-being. If our brains respond well to certain light frequencies, what effect could light have upon learning? The Grundschule In der Alten Forst school in Hamburg, Germany helped us find out.

The right lighting


Grundschule In der Alten Forst is a primary school in Hamburg, Germany, teaching 12 classes and 368 children. Philips approached the school with the idea of testing out SchoolVision technology there. This school lighting system brings the dynamics of daylight into classrooms, by allowing the teacher to choose between four different light settings. These light settings adjust the atmosphere in classroom environments so that it suits the learning task.


School Director Andreas Wiedemann was glad to help. The lighting was tested on 166 schoolchildren between eight and 16 years old. After the SchoolVision lighting was installed in their classrooms, scientifically proven tests were used to measure the children’s attention and concentration levels. The results were compared with baseline measurements and with those of a control group working under standard light.


The children’s reading speed increased by almost 35% in the School Vision study. Concentration improved dramatically, and the frequency of errors dropped by almost 45%. Although there was no significant change in aggression, video evidence showed a distinct change in levels of hyperactivity. Observed hyperactivity was reduced by up to 76% when pupils were given a mathematical problem to solve under the ‘calm’ lighting scene.


SchoolVision has created an outstanding learning environment that gives pupils at In der Alten Forst the very best start in school. And because the lights auto-dim when there is enough daylight, or when the classrooms are empty, the school has reduced its energy costs too.

  • SchoolVision TBS478, recessed
    SchoolVision TBS478, recessed
    This recessed luminaire is part of our SchoolVision lighting concept – the only energy-efficient lighting solution that has proven to increase the learning performance of children ...

Introducing a new vision
to the school

The team

Andreas Wiedemann, School Director


Prof. Dr. M. Schulte-Markwort

University research team

Dipl.-Psych. N. Wessolowski

University research team

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