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Making a big splash
on a scenic seafront

Uljanik cranes, Pula, Croatia


Find out how outdoor lighting turned an ageing shipyard into an entertaining attraction

Shipyard cranes - Lighting Giants in Pula by Skira

Revitalization of the

partly by realization of the cranes project, is an important strategic objective for the town of Pula”.


-Dean Skira, lighting designer, Lumenart Ltd

Illuminating cranez with Philips lighting creating an amazing result
Cranes in the seafront at Pula, Croatia nicely lit with Philips outdoor lighting

Customer challenge


The Uljanik Shipyard was in need of some color. Located in the bustling city of Pula, which is known for its industry and tourism, the shipyard’s eight cranes were hardly pleasing to the eye. Creative outdoor lighting turned them into a striking night time attraction.

Philips color lighting turn cranes in at Pula, Croatia into an amazing

The right lighting


The City of Pula was undergoing a tourist-attracting transformation. As part of the efforts to revitalize the seafront area, local officials decided to put the 158-year old Uljanik Shipyard to use. With the right lighting it could be turned from an industrial eyesore, shrouded in darkness at night, to an attraction that would excite and inspire visitors.


LED lighting was ready to get things ship-shape. Partnering with lighting designer Dean Skira of Lumenart Ltd, Philips equipped the eight cranes with ColorReach PowerCore floodlights. 48 were installed on the larger cranes and 26 on the four smaller cranes, for a total of 76 fixtures. The fixtures project a range of colors onto the metal monoliths, creating amazing effects that light up the night sky.


The effects are coordinated together in a carefully choreographed light show, set to music. This is made possible by the iPlayer 3 DMX lighting controller, which can manage the color and light level of each individual floodlight. Spectacular lighting, smart controls, amazed audiences.


The color changing landscape lights have totally transformed the shipyard. During the summer tourist season, the light show runs four times a night, wowing visitors and bringing new pride to the City.

  • ColorReach Powercore gen2
    ColorReach Powercore gen2
    ColorReach Powercore is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large architectural façades. ColorReach Powercore combines all the benefits ...
  • iPlayer3
    iPlayer 3 is a DMX lighting controller that is able to store and play custom-authored or pre-programmed light shows. The iPlayer can control up to two full DMX universes or 340 ind...

Metal monoliths
made magical

The Team

Tourist Association of the City of Pula


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