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See your city
in a new light

See your public spaces in a new light. Architectural LED lighting systems for your city.

See your public spaces in a new light

Its your city’s time to shine! Transform your outdoor spaces to create unforgettable visual experiences, increase pride of residents, attract tourists, and drive commerce.
Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

With Philips connected lighting systems, you can illuminate city centres, parks, and traffic routes flexibly and efficiently. You can deliver exactly the right levels of light when and where they are needed.
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Help your talent shine

Illumination outside doesn’t just have to be about functionality. Ensure your employees are proud of their cities! 
Get creative when lighting your local scene, enabling you to attract tourists and maintain a vibrant nightlife while making people feel safe and welcome.  
case studies

Case Studies

Looking for inspiration - See how our customers have used lighting to bring new appeal to their outdoor spaces.
Explore our case studies:
Partner Network

Team Philips 

The Philips Lighting Partner Program gives you access to our network of industry professionals who can provide specialized expertise, local support and a cost-effective solution to fit your lighting needs.
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How do you relax when work is done?

After a long week at work, it’s time to relax at the weekend. The Voice UK  and Philips Hue have entered into a unique partnership to bring the studio atmosphere into your living room! Sync your Philips Hue to The Voice UK app to open your home to an exciting lighting show.
What’s your style?

What’s your style?

Just like with music, people have different tastes (and requirements) when it comes to lighting.  Whether you are looking to connect, enhance or improve your environment or all of the above, we have lighting to suit your lighting needs and tastes.  
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Light Beyond Illumination

Connected lighting systems not only increase energy efficiency, they can manage buildings, stores and streets in a more environmentally friendly way, making visits more engaging inspiring and create experiences

like never before.

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Helping you make your ‘big break’ in lighting 

We can help you plan, manage and finance your new lighting.
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