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Smart buildings are key to
achieving global sustainability goals

More and more companies are using the ESG model—environmental, social, and governance—to define sustainability objectives and measure sustainable business value. The ESG model is a reminder that sustainability has several dimensions that extend beyond energy efficiency, including environmental stewardship, climate change mitigation, social responsibility, and ethical governance.
Most architects and workplace designers agree that space optimization and energy efficiency are two crucial aspects of sustainability initiatives. New connected technologies offer quick but signifcant progress toward these goals.
Sustainability and real estate
go hand in hand."

- Anna Miklosovicova
Environmental Specialist, Lenovo

Sustainability that strengthens the bottom line

Watch how sustainability can strengthen the bottom line
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What being green means –
for building and buildings

According to the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), green buildings are designed and operate to mitigate negative impacts and create positive impacts on

the natural environment. Green building—the activity of contructing buildings—is as important as green buildings, how a building operates after it’s built. WorldGBC believes that achieving 2050 net zero carbon goals begins with operational efficiency—but it doesn’t stop there.


Terri Wills, CEO of the WorldGBC, discusses worldwide

climate goals and the built environment in this new article.

What being green means—for building and buildings
What being green means—for building and buildings

WorldGBC: New technologies, new
driving sustainability agenda

Achieving net zero status requires a holistic approach, embracing the whole range of

building systems, geography, and climate.

In this article, Terri Willis, the CEO of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) discusses the role of data-driven systems and smart technologies, as well as healthy buildings and how net zero and building wellness initiatives go hand in hand.

The Climate Group
Corporate adoption of connected LED lighting

The Climate Group has gained unique insights from all around the globe as the result of its program to drive large-scale LED adoption. In this white paper, The Climate Group covers many of the key themes to consider when upgrading indoor lighting, and discusses options for providing energy savings, system connectivity and the IoT, and future-proofing.
Download the whitepaper The Climate Group: Corporate adoption of connected LED lighting


Corporate adoption of
connected LED lighting

InterAct Office
Enterprise-level connected lighting retrofit for offices

InterAct Office supports alternative workplace strategies in your existing office spaces. Gain deeper insights into how work flows though the business while enhancing employee productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing your energy footprint.

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