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Alternative workplace strategies for working smarter

The workforce is changing, and the workplace must change with it. 


Millennials expect agile approaches to getting business done, flexible workspaces and hours, and services that enhance productivity and wellness. At the same time, CRE professionals aim to keep costs down, optmize space utilization, and make the offices they manage attractive to high-value employees.


Connected technologies and the Internet of Things can serve as a platform for distributing and collecting intelligence throughout a workspace, offering data-driven insights that support the needs of both users and managers.

The human factor is very important. Our buildings are built for people, our core asset. We provide something engaging, something that empowers people to do their best. It’s more than just a shelter from the weather, more than just a lightbulb and a desk."


- Christoph Rogge

Global Expert Workspace Strategy,
La Roche Ltd

Don't let under-occupancy cost your business

Watch the video and learn how to not let under-occupancy cost your business
the video

Re-envisioning the workplace  for well-being

The co-working model is increasing in popularity, because people want to feel that they belong to a creative community. As virtual connections become more seamless, physical places take on a new importance, bringing people together in meaningful ways.


Co-working is only one of the ways that business owners are re-envisioning the workplace to support people and improve business performance. Learn about some of the latest trends and developments in alternative workplace strategies.

Re-envisioning the workplace for well-being
Re-envisioning the workplace for well-being
Watch leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine sharing her views on the importance of wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace


Wellness has become the new must-have amenity for businesses who want to attract, retain, and get the most out of the modern workforce. But it’s not just a perk: it has measurable impacts, both direct and indirect, on the bottom line.


In this video, leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine shares her views on the importance of wellness in the workplace.

InterAct Office
Enterprise-level connected lighting retrofit for offices

InterAct Office supports alternative workplace strategies in your existing office spaces. Gain deeper insights into how work flows though the business while enhancing employee productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing your energy footprint.

Interested in discovering more about InterAct office?


Act today for a smarter workplace. Receive exclusive insights into top industry trends, learn how the Internet of Things and connected technologies can support your business objectives, and much more.

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Making data-driven business decisions

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Sustainability that strengthens your bottom line

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